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Carsten Neergaard (2)

“Via ProSelection, I have found my new job, and I was been very satisfied with the entire process. The initial conversation with the consultant was in a relaxed environment and it had a pleasant atmosphere, which made it easier for me to open up and tells openly and honestly about my strengths and weaknesses. ProSelection […]

Allan Bachmann (2)

““The personal treatment I received at ProSelection has been extremely accommodating and has provided useful advice and guidance to use in my further interviews. Furthermore, I have had the sense that ProSelection placed great emphasis on finding out exactly who I was as a candidate in order to find the best match between candidate and […]

Brian Chlala (2)

”My last job as a financial officer at UNICEF, I got through ProSelection. The process of ProSelection was comfortable and professional. I felt well treated, and I felt that ProSelection knew how to ensure the right match between my expectations and UNICEF wishes. I would definitely recommend ProSelection to others.“ Finance Manager Brian Chlala

Lone Menzies (2)

“ProSelection acted quickly and professionally in my case. After just one week in ProSelections hands, I had a new job.“ Accountant Lone Menzies

Pia Nielsen (2)

“I was very pleased with ProSelections effort when I was looking for a new job. They treated me professionally, and I found a new job.“ Accounting Officer Pia Nielsen

Jeanette Hansen (2)

“I can highly recommend ProSelection who helped me quickly and professionally to find my dream job.“ Accounting Assistant Jeanette Hansen