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ProSelection's quality assurance

At ProSelection, we work consistently with the same policies, work processes and action plans. All employees go through an introductory process followed by regular training. To ensure a consistent, high level of service, we work according to a standard concept described in detail in our process manual. The process manual describes, among others, ethical guidelines as well as procedures for candidates, customers and service management. It is constantly updated based on feedback from customers, candidates and external consultants.

Employees’ experience and education

We know how important recruitment of a new employee is to a company. Recruitment needs to be understood by professionals, and it takes a minimum of several years’ experience in accounting and finance to qualify for employment at ProSelection. New employees at ProSelection are required to complete an induction process that exposes them to our new processes. In this way, we can be sure that a new employee will deliver the expected level of quality. They are then given regular further education in accounting and finance, allowing them to achieve the same level of training as others.

All employees at ProSelection must as a minimum have a higher education degree. In addition, all employees undertake further education in accounting and finance as well as HR and employment law. This ensures that all our employees are consistently able to work as skilled partners for companies and organisation of any type and size.

The customer in focus

Our primary quality parameter is customer satisfaction and dialogue with our customers is the most important means to ensure high quality. We strive to remain in dialogue with every single customer, putting their needs in focus.

This is how we assess ourselves during the recruitment process and it enables us to effectively control and manage our future activities. At ProSelection, we regularly discuss our work processes to ensure that we retain the appropriate foundation for handling a diverse range of tasks.

The best candidates

We are constantly working on developing Denmark’s largest candidate database in accounting and finance using a wide range of marketing tools. This gives us access to the best candidates and temps in the market, for all types of organisations in all industry sectors.

All candidates interviewed by ProSelection go through the same recruitment process. Our objective is to discover exactly what each individual candidate is like as a person and what professional qualifications they possess. All candidates go through a thorough interview process and relevant accounting tests, based on the work intended for that candidate. Our interview process has been developed together with a specialist with a PhD in Psychology. It is regularly updated based on the latest developments in question techniques and professional testing.

Diversity of candidates

ProSelection facilitates jobs to a wide range of people every year. Even though they all undertake employment in accounting and finance and many of them have the same education, they are of course all very different types of people. We put our candidates first and always ensure compliance with existing legislation regarding equal opportunities in the workplace. ProSelection works to very high ethical principles. Our aim is for all candidates to experience a high degree of professionalism in their collaboration with us. For example, all candidates receive verbal feedback after they have been presented with one of our positions.

”After a successful recruitment some years ago, we decided to contact ProSelection again, when we were faced with a need for a new business controller. The process occurred again professional and hassle-free, as we were presented with a selection of talented candidates, all of which were good candidates for the position. We found a new employee who now has started with us and we are very satisfied.”





”In our search for a qualified accounting assistant, we contacted ProSelection. In a flexible, efficient and fast cooperation with ProSelection, we landed an agreement with a professionally, competent personality that meets all of our expectations.”





”Vores credit manager skulle på pension og vi havde behov for en ny medarbejder, der kunne overtage funktionen. Vi afholdt et indledende møde med to konsulenter fra ProSelection, hvor vi fik forklaret vores behov og ønskede kvalifikationer til den kommende medarbejder. ProSelection leverede hurtigt fire velkvalificerede kandidater, der alle kunne varetage funktionen. Efter en effektiv og hurtig proces i samarbejde med ProSelection, fandt vi den rette kandidat, der kunne træde ind i rollen som credit manager og blive en del af vores virksomhed.”





”Vi anvendte Proselection til en stilling som stærk allround regnskabsmedarbejder, hvor de hurtigt leverede et hold af velkvalificerede kandidater. Vi var meget tilfredse med deres arbejde, så derfor valgte vi at kontakte Proselection igen nogle måneder senere, da vi havde endnu en stilling som lønbogholder, der skulle besættes. Igen blev vi præsenteret for et hold af dygtige kandidater, som alle kunne bestride jobbet. Vi har været meget tilfredse med den indsats Proselection har leveret”.





”Til vores økonomiafdeling søgte vi en regnskabsansvarlig til en nyoprettet stilling og kontaktede ProSelection for at få sparring. Ved et kort og effektivt afklaringsmøde med konsulenter fra ProSelection, fik vi defineret profilen på kandidaten vi søgte. ProSelection leverede en gennemarbejdet og grundig proces og vi mødte flere dygtige kandidater til stillingen. Vores nye medarbejder lever fuldt ud op til vores forventninger og passer godt ind i virksomhedens ånd.”





"Vi kontaktede ProSelection, da vi havde brug for en controller i vores økonomiafdeling. ProSelection lyttede til vores behov og formidlede inden for kort tid velkvalificerede kandidater. Samarbejdet med ProSelection var upåklageligt, og vi har i dag en faglig dygtig controller, som passer godt ind i vores team.