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Denmark’s largest accounting and finance recruitment specialist.

Nationwide service

Our nationwide service enables ProSelection to be able to provide you candidates who live relatively close to your company. Our candidates, who range from accounting assistants to finance directors, are available within a reasonable distance from your company’s location. In Denmark, ProSelection offers customers a professional, transparent strategy concerning how we locate and provide the best candidates for both temporary and permanent positions in Zealand, Funen and Jutland.

Successful recruitment is based on well-qualified candidates and an in-depth knowledge of your company’s local demands and expectations. Our nationwide service ensures understanding of the local situation and a quality-focused amalgamation between the right candidate and your company.

Denmark’s largest accounting and finance database

With more than 15,000 candidates in accounting and finance, we base our recruitment on Denmark’s largest database of candidates. They include accounting assistants, salary bookkeepers, accounts staff, accounts managers, financial controllers, business controllers, finance directors and economists. All of our candidates have an accounting background and they all expect to find employment related to accounting and finance. Being part of ProSelection’s candidate database is seen as a stamp of approval in itself. To be accepted in Denmark’s largest accounting and finance candidate database, all candidates must have at least several years’ relevant experience.


ProSelection provides a minimum 6-month guarantee on all placements. This guarantee can also be extended by another six to twelve months, so the total guarantee period can run up to 12 or 24 months. The guarantee ensures you get a qualified business partner who knows your company inside out in the event of the candidate’s resignation or if you are required to terminate the relationship with the candidate. ProSelection follows your company closely. This provides opportunities to establish an overlap between the current employee and the future employee.

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"We contacted ProSelection when we faced a generation change in our finance department and wanted to hire a CFO to modernize and strengthen our financial management. After a meeting with ProSelection, we handed over the process to them. They handled the process very professionally and soon found an exciting field of highly qualified candidates. Within a few weeks, we had recruited our new CFO, who today is performing very well in the organization.”


Carsten Abel, Managing director,



“For eight years, we have had an excellent collaboration with ProSelection in the selection of qualified employees for our finance department. It was therefore natural for us to give them responsibility for once again finding our new CFO. After a qualified and relatively flexible process, we have reached an agreement with our new CFO within a very short time horizon.”


CEO Henning Hess,



“We have used ProSelection to recruit our entire finance team. Our cooperation started when we needed a Finance Manager. ProSelection was good at listening and asking questions, and it was our absolute impression that it was of importance to them to understand our company, our culture and the positions’ requirements. We experienced a professional process which resulted in the right candidate for us. We later hired a Finance Controller and a Finance Assistant through ProSelection too, and the processes were just as effective and good and resulted in two strong employees, who are exactly what we were looking for. ARKK Copenhagen gives ProSelection and their services a warm recommendation.”


Co-founder & CEO Thomas Refdahl

ARKK Copenhagen


”ProSelection has helped us finding our new team leader for our payroll department through a professional and discrete process. We now have a strong employee who is not only skilled and capable of managing all aspects of the position, it is also an employee who personally is a very good match to our company.


CFO Niklas Nordkap



”ProSelection helped us with two recruitments in a period where we did not have the resources to cover our recruitment needs. We have been very happy and satisfied with the process at ProSelection, and we have been professionally treated all the way through. ProSelection presented us to a strong field of candidates and we actually had a difficult time choosing amongst them. Now we have two skilled accountants and both fully live up to our expectations.”


Department Manager Janne Frederiksen

Roskilde Tekniske Skole


”After a successful recruitment some years ago, we decided to contact ProSelection again, when we were faced with a need for a new business controller. The process occurred again professional and hassle-free, as we were presented with a selection of talented candidates, all of which were good candidates for the position. We found a new employee who now has started with us and we are very satisfied.”