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“We contacted ProSelection when we faced a generation change in our finance department and wanted to hire a CFO to modernize and strengthen our financial management. After a meeting with ProSelection, we handed over the process to them. They handled the process very professionally and soon found an exciting field of highly qualified candidates. Within a few weeks, we had recruited our new CFO, who today is performing very well in the organization.”


Carsten Abel, Managing director,



“For eight years, we have had an excellent collaboration with ProSelection in the selection of qualified employees for our finance department. It was therefore natural for us to give them responsibility for once again finding our new CFO. After a qualified and relatively flexible process, we have reached an agreement with our new CFO within a very short time horizon.”


CEO Henning Hess,



“We have used ProSelection to recruit our entire finance team. Our cooperation started when we needed a Finance Manager. ProSelection was good at listening and asking questions, and it was our absolute impression that it was of importance to them to understand our company, our culture and the positions’ requirements. We experienced a professional process which resulted in the right candidate for us. We later hired a Finance Controller and a Finance Assistant through ProSelection too, and the processes were just as effective and good and resulted in two strong employees, who are exactly what we were looking for. ARKK Copenhagen gives ProSelection and their services a warm recommendation.”


Co-founder & CEO Thomas Refdahl

ARKK Copenhagen


”ProSelection has helped us finding our new team leader for our payroll department through a professional and discrete process. We now have a strong employee who is not only skilled and capable of managing all aspects of the position, it is also an employee who personally is a very good match to our company.


CFO Niklas Nordkap




”ProSelection helped us with two recruitments in a period where we did not have the resources to cover our recruitment needs. We have been very happy and satisfied with the process at ProSelection, and we have been professionally treated all the way through. ProSelection presented us to a strong field of candidates and we actually had a difficult time choosing amongst them.  Now we have two skilled accountants and both fully live up to our expectations.”


Department Manager Janne Frederiksen

Roskilde Tekniske Skole


”After a successful recruitment some years ago, we decided to contact ProSelection again, when we were faced with a need for a new business controller.

The process occurred again professional and hassle-free, as we were presented with a selection of talented candidates, all of which were good candidates for the position. We found a new employee who now has started with us and we are very satisfied.”



”In our search for a qualified accounting assistant, we contacted ProSelection.

In a flexible, efficient and fast cooperation with ProSelection, we landed an agreement with a professionally, competent personality that meets all of our expectations.”



“Our credit manager should retire and we needed a new employee who could follow in the position. We had an initial meeting with two consultants from ProSelection, where we explained our needs and desired qualifications for the future employee. ProSelection quickly delivered four well-qualified candidates which all could fulfil the position. After an efficient and fast process with ProSelection, we found the right candidate who could step into the role of credit manager and become part of our company.”





“We used ProSelection for a position as strong all-round accountant, where they quickly delivered a field of well-qualified candidates. We were very happy with ProSelections work, so we decided to contact them again some months later, when we had yet another position as payroll accountant to be occupied. Again, we were presented with a field of skilled candidates, all of whom could handle the position. We have been very pleased with the work ProSelection has delivered.”





”We contacted ProSelection, when we needed a controller in our finance department. ProSelection listened to our needs and within a short period of time whey facilitated well qualified candidates. The cooperation with ProSelection was spotless and today we have a professional and skilled controller, who fits well into our team.”





“For our finance department, we were looking for a chief accountant for a newly created position and contacted ProSelection to get sparring. At a short and effective clarification meeting with consultants from ProSelection, we defined the profile of the candidate we were looking for. ProSelection delivered a thorough process and we met with several talented candidates for the position. Out new employee fully lives up to our expectations and fits well into the company’s spirit.”





”We contacted ProSelection because we needed to find a new finance manager for our Danish head office. After an initial meeting between ProSelection and us and a conference call with our HR department in France, we decided to let ProSelection handle the process. ProSelection then searched and interviewed candidates for us and delivered several very qualified candidates for us. Today, thanks to ProSelections work, we have a very committed and professional finance manager who adapted very well with our organization.”


CEO Carl-Johan Callenholm


Xylem Water Solutions A/S


”We had here and now need of a Financial Manager. Quality and speed in the process was a theme. A painless / smooth / efficient cooperation with ProSelection have solved our challenge to get the right candidate within a relatively short time frame.”


HR Manager Charlotte Ballisager

Endomondo A/S

”We needed a highly professional person in the position as responsible accountant in our administration, as our employee wanted to retire. We contacted ProSelection; we were confident that they could solve the task. And in a painless and very quick process, we were presented with three strong candidates, each of which convinced us that they could handle the job. We chose the person who best fit into the team and look forward to a very good cooperation. We feel that ProSelection were present in the process and look back on a cooperation that satisfies our expectations for a professional partner.”


CEO Kim Blicher


Georg Fischer A/S


”We were faced with a need for a new, experienced and highly professional accountant. We chose to do business with ProSelection due to their experience, their flexibility and their unilateral focus on accounting and finance staff.
Time was an important parameter for us and due to ProSelections prompt and thorough selection, we could already employ our new skilled employee after 2 weeks.”


Finance Manager, Anders Lemvig


”We needed a sharp and highly professional chief accountant who could give us a professional and quality-assured glance at the figures and we chose to do business with ProSelection. Within the agreed timescale we received three different profiles, who each in their own manner, were able to solve the task. The candidates’ professionalism was confirmed by ProSelection thus it was merely to identify a personality that fit in with us.”


CEO, Charlotte Madsen


Ebco A/S


”We were facing a generational change in our accounting department and contacted ProSelection when we had to recruit a new chief accountant. In cooperation with ProSelection we prepared a profile on the new employee and left the process to them. ProSelection delivered within a short period of time several potential candidates that we conducted interviews with. Thanks to ProSelections work we quickly found our new chief accountant who fully lives up to our professional expectations and has settled in well with us.”


CEO Frans Andersen


White arkitekter A/S


”When we urgently were in need of a strong all-round accountant, we contacted ProSelection. At a meeting with ProSelection we resolved the profile of the new employee and at the same time uncovered the need for a temporary replacement. ProSelection made sure that we quickly were given a replacement that could meet our immediate needs. ProSelection made sure that we quickly were given a replacement that could meet our immediate needs. Thanks to ProSelections thorough work, we have today employed a competent accountant, who has settled in well in our company.”


Finance Manager Hardy Mogensen

Anritsu A/S


”As our CFO resigned, we should hire a new one. We therefore investigated the market for recruitment specialists in accounting and finance and after an initial meeting we chose ProSelection to assist us in the process. The cooperation with ProSelection was from the outset very professional, and they delivered qualified candidates within the agreed timeframe. Today, thanks to ProSelection, we have hired a CFO who fully lives up to our expectations both professionally and personally.”


CEO Poul Brunsgaard

PDC Teknik A/S


”In our search for a new employee in our financial administration, we had to make a choice. We could do it ourselves, or we could do business with an external specialist. We chose to leave the process to ProSelection who quickly identified the candidates who were able to lift the tasks which we could offer. Within the agreed timeframe, we stood with the choice of three qualified candidates, and we now have a new employee in our administration that matches our expectations.”


CEO Niels Kjær-Petersen


MUR shipping Denmark A/S


”With short notice ProSelection was given the task of finding our new colleague. It took four days from our request till we had the first two candidates to interview. All candidates we met were highly qualified in accordance with the job description, we had given. Also it was a pleasure to hear that they all clearly expressed that they had been treated really good by ProSelection.”


Financial Manager Lene Rømer

ATC Footwear A/S

”We were faced with a need for a qualified employee. Therefore, we contacted Proselection who disproportionately quickly understood what profile we were looking for and delivered three good candidates who could handle the job.”


Martin Lundstrøm, F&A manager

Roland DG North Europe A/S


”In the middle of a hectic period when we were missing two strong financial profiles, I contacted ProSelection that to full understood our challenges. In what I would call a very quick and painless process, we found, in close cooperation with ProSelection, the two profiles that fully lives up to our expectations.”


CFO Lene Bundgaard

Haas Meincke A/S


“We needed to hire a talented and ambitious controller and in this regard, we contacted ProSelection. After an initial meeting where we, in collaboration with the consultant from ProSelection, defined the profile, we entrusted the recruitment process with ProSelection. They delivered a professional effort focusing on our needs both professionally and in personality. The cooperation with ProSelection resulted in that we today have employed a competent controller that has settled in well with us.”


Finance Manager Magnus Christensen

Trackman A/S


“We contacted ProSelection because our financial manager resigned. In the dialogue with ProSelection about our company and our expectations for a financial manager, they found the right candidate within the agreed time frame. ProSelection provided a qualified and efficient solution.  The process was orderly, and we felt that they immediately understood our needs.  We are extremely pleased with the outcome.”


Director of Finance & Administration Thomas Reidar Andersen


UNICEF Danmark


”ProSelection demonstrated in a short period of time that they were able to find four very qualified candidates for vacant position at my company. Within ten days of contacting ProSelection, my new employee was interviewed and hired. I have been very satisfied with cooperation with ProSelection and will always recommend them to others. ”


Finance manager Jørn Viborg-Svendsen





“In our aim to find the best qualified candidate for the position as financial manager, we contacted ProSelection who are specialists in accounting and finance.  A thorough preliminary meeting, during which ProSelection explained their recruitment process from A to Z, convinced us that they would be the ideal partner in our efforts to find the right financial manager.  In a collaboration that went beyond national boundaries, ProSelection showed great perseverance. They maintained the balance between excellent quality and speed, and they delivered the right man for the job.”  


CEO Preben Kjær


Evers A/S


”We have used ProSelection to fill several vacancies in our finance department and has each time been very pleased with the cooperation – of 3 reasons: Highly professional workensures that we are only presented with relevant candidates, a competitive price and avery quick and performance mail correspondence. ”


Finance director Ulrik Heineke




“Proselection has helped us find our current creditor bookkeeper. After an initial meeting with ProSelection we decided to let them be in charge of the process for us. The cooperation with ProSelection was professional from the outset, and they delivered within the agreed timeframe several interesting candidates that met our requirements for professionalism as well as personality. Via ProSelections careful work we hired our new controller, which today has settled in well in our department. “


HR Partner Anita Lorenzen Roth


GF Forsikring

“We contacted ProSelection when we needed a new Accounting Manager. The cooperation with ProSelection was both extremely professional and very pleasant. They had an unique ability to quickly “capture the spirit” of our company. ProSelection worked very targeted and delivered in a short time several interesting candidates, which fully lived up to our expectations both professionally and personally. Today we are pleased with our Accounting Manager, who in a short time has settled in very well with us. “


CEO Niklas Pandell


Popz Europe Sales ApS

“When Dyrberg Kern needed a new competent Finance Assistant, we contacted ProSelection for a quick and professional recruitment process. ProSelection delivered in a few days several exciting candidates that we interviewed. The efficient and professional process from ProSelection ensured that we were able to hire our new staff much faster than we had expected. “


HR Manager Katrine Pondal 


DyrbergKern A/S

“We needed a new highly professional Finance Manager. ProSelection was a competent and diligent partner in this process, and our new Finance Manager lives so far fully up to our expectations.”


CEO Pia Christensen


Persano Group A/S

“We were faced with an urgent need to recruit a skilled accountant and contacted ProSelection. The cooperation with ProSelection was very efficient and professional. Already soon after we had initiated the cooperation, we were able to carry out interviews with the candidates who ProSelection had found. Thanks to good work by ProSelection we were able to recruit a well-qualified employee quickly and efficiently, and today we have a new colleague who fits in extremely satisfying – both academically and socially. “


Accounting Manager Martin Berg Møller


Albatros Travel A/S

“Proselection has helped us find our current creditor bookkeeper.  They delivered in a short time qualified candidates for the position. We have been very pleased to collaborate with ProSelection and are extremely pleased with our new employee who matches the position both professionally and personally.      


Finance Director Connie Rasch


ActionSportGames A/S


“Since we lacked a skilled and development-oriented creditors accountant, we contacted
ProSelection. They delivered in a short time several interesting candidates that   
we interviewed. With help from ProSelection we hired
a really talented creditors accountant, who meets all our requirements for an 
employee. “


Manager Business Support Center Torben Helløv


Hexagon Geosystems A/S


“In connection with the reorganization of the administrative functions at EUC Zealand, we have used ProSelection to fill positions both in the medium and senior levels. ProSelection have solved the tasks professionally and to the full satisfaction of both candidates and EUC Zealand. ProSelection has managed to describe the content and challenges of the positions so that only the best candidates were presented to us”


CFO Tue Skovgaard Jakobsen


EUC Sjælland


”We chose to partner up with ProSelection when we needed a new and competent bookkeeper. In a short amount of time ProSelection delivered several candidates who all met our professional requirements as well as personal qualifications. Today we are very pleased with the cooperation and not least our new colleague.”


CFO Erling Ibsen


Hamelin A/S


“Herbo is expanding rapidly and as we stood in a situation where we needed an experienced property manager, we turned to ProSelection. We were quickly introduced to skilled candidates, who all met our requirements regarding professionalism and experience. ProSelection delivered an effective and professional process, and today we have exactly the new colleague we wanted.”


CFO Flemming Hansen


Herbo-Holding ApS


”We contacted ProSelection when we with short notice needed a new accounting officer. In dialogue with us, ProSelection quickly decoded our needs, and found the candidate who had the right skills and the right personality to quickly step into our organization. Today we have a new Accounting Officer, who in a short time has integrated incredibly well into our company.”


CEO, Anders Millgaard


Modstrøm A/S


“We were in a situation where we with a short notice needed a substitute in accounting. ProSelection quickly helped us locate the right qualified candidate, and we are therefore very pleased with the cooperation with ProSelection.”


Senior Consultant, Jacob Juul Gade




”We have several times used ProSelection when we need employees. They provide a safe, fast and competent recruitment process where we can see that they have been aware of our needs.”


Financial manager Susanne Holm


JF Hillebrand Scandinavia A/S

“We had acute the need for a skilled controller and contacted ProSelection, that in a few days found several competent candidates for us.  With the help of ProSelection we found, much faster than we had dreamed about, our new employee. With the help of ProSelection we found, much faster than we had dreamed about, our new employee.


Finance Manager Marianne Kjærsgaard


Egmont Serieforlaget A/S

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