Temp service - A flexible solution

If you need extra help for just a few days – or even a few months – ProSelection can find a temp for you. We can provide all types of competencies in accounting and finance from one day to the next. All our temps have passed our thorough testing procedure, which consists of a challenging accounting test and an in-depth interview, which gives us full confidence in the temp’s professional competencies and personal characteristics.

Efficient and flexible process

  • In as little as one or two days, ProSelection can supply you with suitable candidates.
  • The agreement applies for the contracted period only and can be terminated at a day’s notice.

Pricing and agreements:

  • The cost of a temp is equivalent to that of a permanent employee, taking into account salary, bonuses, pension, holiday pay, benefits, notice period, and recruitment costs.
  • The temp is contracted to ProSelection during the period of the customer agreement , and all contractual terms, including salary and similar, are ProSelection’s responsibility.
  • ProSelection agrees a fixed hourly rate, all expenses included. All you receive is an invoice based on the number of hours the temp has worked for your company.
  • Call us at +45 7022 7079 to find out how we can help you. Or read more about the Recruitment process and about our Quality assurance.

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