Interim service - A flexible solution

Does your company need a temporary accounts manager, financial manager or financial director for a shorter or longer period? ProSelection has built a diverse database of interim managers exclusively within accounting and finance. All of our contacts have different levels of management experience from Danish, international or public companies. From the first day, they are ready to tackle the challenges facing your company.

Efficient and flexible process

  • It takes just a few days for ProSelection to supply you with suitable candidates.
  • The agreement applies for the contracted period only and can be terminated at one day’s notice.

Practical and strategic advantages:

  • ProSelection’s interim managers have relevant experience from similar appointments. They are trained to meet specific challenges quickly and effectively as well as contribute to the company’s overall strategic goals.

    Pricing and agreements:

  • The cost of an interim manager is equivalent to that of a permanent manager, taking into account salary, bonuses, pension, holiday pay, benefits, notice period, and recruitment costs.
  • All interim service contracts are prepared to individual requirements according to the location, complexity and desired competencies.
  • The interim manager is contracted to ProSelection during the period of the customer agreement , and all contractual terms, including salary and similar, are ProSelection’s responsibility.
  • ProSelection agrees a fixed hourly rate, all expenses included. All you receive is an invoice based on the number of hours the interim manager has worked for your company.
  • Call 7022 7079 for an informal discussion about the opportunities available to you through our interim service.

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